Use an academic physician for your life care planning needs. A physician is able to render opinions regarding life expectancy, pre-existing conditions and an interpretation of records and opinions offered by other professionals. With her unique forensic background, our life care planner has superb testimony and analytical writing skills.  

Pediatric and Adult: Life Care Planner

Pediatric life care plans provide an evidence-based and detailed analysis of current and future patient needs and costs after a catastrophic injury or event such as birth or spinal cord injury.

Lead Poisoning

Spinal Cord Injury

Accidents and Abuse 

Advantages of a Physician Life Care Plan

A physician life care planner is qualified to analyze life expectancy and interpret complex medical information. A pediatrician is uniquely qualified for cases involving children 0-21. 

Why a Physician?

Experience and Expertise 


20 years of academic and clinical experience at a leading children's hospital, double board certified, well-balanced report writing and testimony experience.       

Pediatric and Adult Life Care Plans: Use an M.D.

Life Care Plan Process

Depending on the context, the doctor will either generate an original plan, review a plan, and/or generate life expectancy. We'll provide attorney education on life-long needs. 

Injury at Birth

Pediatric & Adult Life Care Plans by Certified Physician